Our Mission

Every Greyhound in the Right Home ~ Every Home With The Right Support!


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Our Vital Statistics


Date of Origin: December 19, 1997Greyhound Crossroads Mission

Date of Incorporation: September 9, 1998

Number of Adoptions: over 2000 at last update

Number of Foster Homes: around 25

Number of Available Dogs: Not many due to legislation that closed all race tracks in Florida at the end of 2020. 

Origin of dogs: Most of our greyhounds came from the Florida and Alabama Race tracks which are all closed now. We still get a few from Kansas farms and 2 West Virginia Tracks.

Locations Covered: State of South Carolina and bordering areas of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 

Adoption Donation: $325

Primary Group Vet:  Dr Paula Watkins Oasis Animal Hospital in Mauldin SC, Jennifer Ng at Northeast Animal Hospital in Columbia SC

Satellite Vets: Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, N. Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Florence, Anderson and Augusta, Georgia.

Average Adoption Wait Period: Used to be 1 to 2 weeks, but with tracks closing, it may take months IF we get greyhounds at all.

Tax Status: SC incorporated non-profit charity since 1998; 501C3 Federal Tax Exempt as of December 21, 2004. Greyhound Crossroads is also a registered non profit in the states of North Carolina and Georgia. Financial Information about this Organization and a copy of its license are available form the North Carolina State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State.


What does Greyhound Crossroads stand for?


We Believe:

  • In helping every Greyhound who needs us, regardless of place of origin, we place AKC show Greyhounds as well as retired racers and Greyhounds that never race.

  • In the equality of love, without discrimination to race, creed, national origin, or belief.

  • In the formation of a group based on support, guidance, and fun for all members.

  • In knowing each of our prospective families & each of our available dogs, and making the best possible match.

  • In creating a warm, friendly group for our families to stay in touch & grow together.

  • Providing an opportunity for every member to be involved as much as they wish, using their own skills, abilities, and resources.


What is the official Greyhound Crossroads opinion on Racing?


We are proudly a Pro-Greyhound = Pro-Racing Adoption Group.

Through the years at GC, we have always felt that it is best for the dogs and our adopters to work WITH the racing industry. Since the very beginning our greyhounds came from people within the racing industry that loved greyhounds and believed greyhounds should be pets after retirement and made it happen. We have an excellent working relationship with owners, trainers, farms and kennels in FL, and many other states. By working with the people that own, race and raise greyhounds, we get valuable information about the dogs from the people that know them best and care about them the most. We schedule educational trips to tracks, racing kennels and farms so our adopters can form their own opinion based on facts and personal experience rather than rumors. Among our members we have families who regularly attend races, people that own racing dogs and people who don't care for racing. Our official stance is that we believe that ending Greyhound Racing will end the Racing Greyhound as we know it. We believe that athletic, working dogs are healthy, happy dogs. Placing retired greyhounds in homes wanting adult greyhounds is a win for the adopters, the greyhounds and everyone involved in their previous lives as racers.  We are AGAINST abuse, wherever it happens, and FOR Greyhounds, wherever they are found. As such we accept all NGA (National Greyhound Association) greyhounds, as well as AKC dogs, rescues from Adopters, rehomes, and all greyhounds in need with equal welcome regardless of their original location or previous adoption history.


We Have Participated In:

Spring Festivals in Spartanburg and Greenwood, SC

Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NCGreyhound Crossroads with Greenville Greyhounds Football Team

Georgia Renaissance Festival near Atlanta GA

Harley-Davidson of Greenville for their Annual Anniversary

Upstate Companion Animal Festival in Spartanburg, SC

Local Christmas and St. Patrick's Day Parades

Pet Smart in Columbia SC

AKC Dog Shows in Spartanburg and Greenville, SC

Humane Society Pooch Parade in Anderson, SCJoanne and Ann Greyhounds at Scottish Festival Greenville

Obedience and Agility Training Events

Weekly Farmers Market in Augusta GA

Piedmont Tech College Volunteer Celebration in Greenwood, SC

Home Football Game Meet and Greets in Clemson, SC

Pet Store grand opening celebrations

Star Fort Annual Candlelight Tour in Ninety-Six, SC

Wellness Celebration in Greenwood, SC

Greenwood Humane Society Pet Expo in Greenwood, SC

Greenville Humane Society Grand Opening in Greenville, SCGreyhound Crossroads Irish Festival Greenville

International Festival of Clemson in Clemson, SC

Return to the Green Irish Festival in Greenville, SC

Great Scot Parade in Greenville, SC

Pet Fest America/Superdogs at the BiLo Center in Greenville, SC

Howlin Hounds 5K in Augusta GA

Annual Pet Expos in Greenwood, SC

St. Francis Pet Blessing annual celebrations

Official Mascot of the Greenville Greyhounds Football Team

Freedom Weekend Aloft in Simpsonville, South Carolina

American Biker Grand Opening in Greenville, SC

Spring Fling, Man's Best Friend Resort in Greenville, SC