Greyhounds available for adoption in the Upstate SC area around Greenville and Greenwood SC.


The majority of greyhounds racing in the US were racing in Florida, until all of those tracks closed at the end of 2020.  We only have a very limited number of greyhounds available and don't expect to get many more.

If you have NOT adopted from us before: Please fill out the form below if you are in our adoption areas and you will be contacted to complete the approval process with a home visit IF we have a greyhound available that will work for your home. 

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Fawn Male
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Snyder, Westminster SC
Adoption Status: In Process for the Bedenbaugh family, 7.15.24

Fritz is arriving soon from Australia. He raced only 8 races and did OK winning one of those and placing in most of the others. His last race was March 8th of 2024. He raced at Wagga, and Healesville. Fritz's DOB is 1/5/22 so he is 2 years old. His sire is Wow and his dam is Gamma Bale. He is a  very tiny boy racing at just 62lbs. He is smaller than the girls that he arrived from Australia with. He was completely vetted in Australia before arrival and his ear tattoo is VLXIS. Fritz is a happy, friendly, loyal dog who was born to be a family pet. Despite the fact that Fritz has not spent a lot of time in a domestic household, he is already in training to becoming the perfect pet! Fritz just loves to be around people, joining in on the fun and chats whenever he gets the chance! He is super easy-going and is happy to go along with, and join in on, whatever you’re doing! Fritz is equally as social with children- he just loves kids! The children that Fritz has grown up with are 6, 8 & 10 years old and he is so gentle and sweet with them. He is used to playing with them, getting a wash, and just generally being handled by them; so long as he gets his love and pats, he’s a happy boy! Fritz is super easy-going and is just happy to be doing whatever you’re doing. Fritz has interacted with other dog breeds besides Greyhounds and gets along well with them, but he definitely prefers his human friends (they can give him cuddles and pats!). Fritz has lived with a Blue Heeler and her puppies and got along fine with them all- he was just happy he was never asked to babysit them! Fritz did great with a small Italian Greyhound he met when he arrived. He did not pass his cat test so needs a home with no cats. Overall, Fritz is a little gentleman. He is sweet, affectionate, and easy-going- a perfect companion to have. He is a natural sitter that seems very comfortable in that position unlike most greyhounds. Fritz would thrive in a home with plenty of love going around and he would add to that love ten-fold! If you’re looking for a happy, loving, all-round perfect pet, you’ve found the perfect match in Fritz!

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Added: May 20, 2024


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