Available Hounds

Retired racing greyhounds available for adoption through Greyhound Crossroads in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.


The majority of greyhounds racing in the US were racing in Florida, until all of those tracks closed at the end of 2020. Even before the tracks closed there weren't enough greyhounds for adopters and adoption groups. Many adoption groups were already closed. Now greyhounds have become a rare breed. Moving forward, we know that IF we have greyhounds it will be a very limited number. That has given us no other choice but to CLOSE APPLICATIONS to new adopters.  At the time that decision was made, we had almost 200 families already on the waiting list- an impossible number for us to fill with the dogs no longer available.  We are truly sorry it won't be possible to help you adopt.

If you HAVE ALREADY ADOPTED from us before:  and wish to be considered for a rare returned greyhound, please fill out the form below. 

Greyhound Crossroads Adoption Requests


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