2023 Adoptions

A list of all retired racing greyhounds adopted by Greyhound Crossroads in 2023

Racing Name:
Pet/Kennel Name:
Black Female
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Bowden, Greenville
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Naeseth Family of Pendleton SC 1/18/23

Special Needs - Must be only dog! Izzy initially was adopted as a greyhound puppy 4 years ago. She never raced because she was stepped on by her mother when tiny. Her leg broke and wasn't able to heal correctly without surgery. Look at her other photos to see pictures of her as a puppy and her X-rays. Pro Greyhound, a group that takes in injured greyhounds, gets them the surgery they need, and rehabilitates them after surgery, got her the surgery she needed. The surgery was successful and she can run and play now. Izzy was adopted in March of 2018 after her leg was healed from the surgery. She is being re-homed now because she hasn't been getting along with the other dogs in her home, and recently had a fight with one of the other female dogs in her home. So Izzy is looking for a home with NO other dogs! She is a sweet, friendly girl that likes people. She probably needs an experienced owner that can do some training. Although she has been living in a home: she doesn't seem like she has had a lot of training. Her sire is Group Rooster and her mom is Rico's Tagnanello (who we also placed). Izzy was born July 7 of 2017. She was tattooed at 3 months with her siblings, but never got a registered racing name because she was adopted as a puppy and never raced. 

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Added: November 24, 2017


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