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Adoption Status: Adopted by the Janssen Family of Camden SC 10/23/18
Adoption Date: 2323-1010-1818
Pet/Kennel Name: Hooyah/Butler/Big Guy
Age: 3.5
Color/Gender: Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Brenot, Raleigh NC
Additional Details:

Hooyah is an extra large, red brindle, male that came in from the Melbourne Race Track in FL. He also raced at Mardi Gras. Hooyah only raced 11 races, winning only one of those and usually finishing toward the back of the pack. He was retired young when he was just 2 years old. He has been in an adoptive home since June of 2017 and they were calling him Butler but he also answers to Big Guy or Big Boy. Hooyah celebrated his 3rd birthday on March 19th. He raced at a whopping 85lbs. His sire is the famous Djays Octane and his dam is Killer Roma. Hooyah is a calm, well behaved guy. He wanted to snuggle on the car trip and stood with his head on the driver's shoulder a lot of the trip. He is fine with cats and good with small and large dogs in his foster homes. Hooyah is quite friendly with adults and children too. He has only a couple of big fears, shiny floors and stairs. This is true of most greyhounds that have not seen shiny floors or stairs at the race track. Both would be considered hazards for racers, so they are just not something that most greyhounds have ever seen. Most relax after a few successful trips down stairs or across a shiny floor, but that hasn't been the case with Hooyah. Even after living in a home with some shiny floors and stairs for a year, he prefers to avoid them. A home with carpet or strategically placed area rugs would be Hooyah's dream home.  We have found that Hooyah is more confident with shiny floors when wearing non slip boots on his feet, and he looks very cute in them too. Hooyah can do 4 or 5 porch stairs to get outside, but longer flights of stairs are scary for him. He has a very unusual brindle coat. He has very little striping and is mostly red on one side but lot more brindle striping on the other. He looks like a completely different colored dog depending on which side you are looking at. Be sure to click on his other pictures to see the difference.  Hooyah is very good about doing his business outside on leash, so doesn't require a fenced yard. He hasn't had one accident in his foster home. He is always happy to see his foster mom or dad come home from work and bounces happily for a minute then, but is otherwise very calm. Hooyah is very friendly and loving. He was in an adoptive home for awhile so is already home acclimated. Hooyah was returned because he would whine sometimes and his owners thought he may have some type of pain in his neck or back that was causing the whining. Hooyah has not shown any sign of having any pain since we got him back. He whines occasionally like a normal dog, but not like he is in any pain. We kept him for observation for over a month and took him to our vet to be examined to be sure. Our vets have cleared him for adoption because they have found nothing wrong with him other than being overweight. We have him on a diet and he is getting back down close to what he should weigh. Hooyah is a very affectionate, sweet, sensitive guy that will be a very loving pet. 

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