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Myrtle Beach

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Racing Name:
LC Edison
Pet/Kennel Name:
White and Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Wargo in Myrtle Beach SC
Adoption Status: In Process for Barrett, 7.26.15

Edison just arrived from the Daytona Race Track because his kennel closed. He only raced there for a little while and raced most of his 67 races at other tracks, Sanford Orlando, Mardi Gras, Derby Lane and Dubuque. He traveled around a bit in his short career. Edison raced at 74 lbs so he is a mid-sized male. His sire is Bob's Skeet and his dam is Elsie Bones. He turned 3 on January 29th.  He is calm and submissive, but very friendly, going up to most people for love. Edison passed his cat and small dog tests so should be OK to live with either. He is being fostered in a home with both. His trainer brought her young boys into the kennel so all the dogs are used to being around kids. More as we get to know him.

His Pedigree

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