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IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO OUR ADOPTERS! Because of Covid 19 restrictions, the end of Florida greyhound racing in December, and the early closure of 3 more tracks during the pandemic, we have received far more applications than we can process in the coming months. The numbers of greyhounds available for adoption is falling quickly and will be nearly non existent by the end of this year. AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM NEW ADOPTERS!! If you have already submitted an application and received confirmation from our volunteers, you WILL be processed in the order of receipt IF we have greyhounds available. If you are already a GC adopter and in our system, please contact one of us or your adoption rep for help.

WW Bulworth
Racing Name:
WW Bulworth
Pet/Kennel Name:
Red Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Alden, Bluffton SC
Adoption Status: In Process for the Argentieri family of Anderson SC, 5.31.20

Bully just arrived from the Orange Park Race Track in Jacksonville FL. He also raced at Sanford Orlando and Birmingham briefly. Bully got up to the top A level at Birmingham quickly. He was moved to Orange Park and also raced at A level there. He won his last race on March 15th, but was retired when the track shut down due to Covid 19. Bully has been at the track adoption kennel since then and they had him vetted there on 5/6/20. Bully will turn 3 on August 18th. He raced at 68lbs. Bully is a sweet friendly guy that is not a bully at all. He is cuddly, a leaner and a face kisser. He is comfortable in his crate and walks pretty well on leash. He has seen larger and smaller dogs on walks and is only mildly curious about both but his foster home feels he would do better in a home with no small dogs. He passed his cat test at the track and was OK with cats at first, but got more interested as he got more relaxed in his home, so his foster family feels he needs a home with no cats. Bully approaches new people he sees and is very friendly. He is a fast learner and is adapting quickly to home life. He is young but seems pretty laid back for his age and is content to lay around on dog beds. Bully had a racing injury in May of 2019. He didn't race again until September of 2019. He won several races in a row when he came back so was completely healed up. However he may have a little arthritis in his leg from that old injury because he occasionally favors it now. He raced at total of 36 races. Super nice, sweet guy that his foster feels would make a great first greyhound. He has had no accidents in the house and is adapting very well to pet life. 

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Added: May 12, 2020


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