BS Bentley
Racing Name:
BS Bentley
Pet/Kennel Name:
Brinde Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Fostered by (location):
Franco Charleston SC Area
Adoption Status: Available for Adoption

Bentley raced a 181 races at Orange Park in Florida and won 32 of those races. He was a very good racer that raced at the top A level for most of his career. He competed in Stakes races for the best dogs at the track. He raced at 68lbs and turned 8 on May 28th. Bentley's sire is Oya Tom Terrific and his dam is GS Flame. Bentley has been in an adoptive home for some time now but his owner is older and isn't able to care for him anymore so made the difficult decision to let him be re-homed. The adoption group that placed him initially has asked if we can regime him for them. Bentley is healthy and will be given a fresh dental and his vaccines will all be up to date before he is placed. Bentley is a very sweet boy that is friendly and happy. He was around small kids from 2 to 10 at the race kennel so is used to being around them. Bentley has lived with cats and is fine with small dogs. He is already home acclimated and ready to meet his new family. More as we get to know him.

Added: November 19, 2017


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