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The majority of greyhounds racing in the US were racing in Florida, until all of those tracks closed at the end of 2020.  Before the tracks closed there weren't enough greyhounds retiring to supply all the adopters and adoption groups wanting them. Now, with only two race tracks open in the US, greyhounds have become a rare breed. Many greyhound adoption groups have already closed their doors or have switched to other breed rescue. We are remaining open to provide support to adopters and their greyhounds that we already placed. We are also providing support and re-homing to greyhounds adopted through groups that have closed their doors. Due to a long waiting list, we are no longer able to accept adoption applications from new adopters. We have started getting a few retired greyhounds from Australia and we are hopeful that we will be able to take new applications at some point in the future.

 If you are already approved and have adopted from us before please fill out the form below so we have your current info and can add you to our waiting list. 

Greyhound Crossroads Adoption Requests 

We are beyond saddened that Greyhound Crossroads has reached the point where are forced to turn people away. This is a heartbreaking situation that we would have never believed could happen to our community and not a decision made lightly. As a group of dedicated and passionate supporters of the American Racing Greyhound, we will do everything possible to place every greyhound into the right home until we no longer have the option to do so. If you have questions, concerns, or feel you have a situation not addressed by the options above, please feel free to contact me by email so that I can assist you. 

Kim Owens, GC Director

For general application questions and status requests, email Application Coordinator Jamie Elrod 


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Important Adoption Tips!

We CANNOT hold dogs because of the limited number of greyhounds. Adoptions are first come first served based. We will contact you when and if we have a greyhound that matches your needs. If you are unable to adopt at that time please let us know and let us know if you wish to remain on our waiting list or be removed.

Being willing to drive to meet a greyhound! We have foster homes in 3 states. Our volunteers have already transported the dogs from the tracks in other states, transported the dogs to and from their vetting and have put a lot of time into fostering them. For this reason, we don't ask our foster homes to drive their fosters long distances to meet potential adopters. We hope adopters will be willing do the driving to meet their own dog.




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