Favorite Links

Our favorite greyhound links: Health, General info, History, Activities, Feeding, and of course Greyhound Stuff to purchase!


General Information About Greyhounds

Great video on adopting a greyhound courtesy of the Gulf Greyhound Race Track!

Adopt-a-Greyhound Comprehensive adoption information

All About Greyhounds Find out about what a greyhound's life was like when being raised and raced.

Grey Hound Articles Online - Health, training and everything else greyhound

History of the Greyhound

American Greyhound Council

International Greyhound Database - Searchable research database

Greyhound Racing Association of America - Series of articles about raising greyhounds from birth to track

Life at the Track- Ever wondered what their lives were like before you got them? Photos from behind the scenes.

Greyhound Puppy Blog - Thinking about adopting a greyhound puppy? Lots of puppy photos if you start at the beginning of the blog in 2010 and follow the adventures of Miles Per Hour from birth to present.


Information on the Web about your Greyhound

Greyhound-Data -Find your dog's ancestors on a huge searchable database of pedigrees of racing greyhounds from all over the world

Track Info - Find info on the track where your greyhound raced and look up your greyhound by name

AGTOA - American Greyhound Track Operators Association: Once you find out where your greyhound raced find more info on the tracks here.

Greyhound Littermate List - Find your dog's littermates! Be sure to enter your dogs in their database!

National Greyhound Association - become the registered owner of your greyhound by requesting a Pet Certificate, get your dog's pedigree, plus products, info, links, and more. Identify greys by their ear tattoos over the phone

The Greyhound Hall of Fame - Find out about your dog's famous relatives. Nice greyhound gifts too

American Kennel Club Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege - How to get a PAL/ILP Number that allows your greyhound to participate in AKC events such as obedience, lure coursing and agility

Download the ILP form here


Online Support

Grey Talk - A high volume international forum covering all things greyhound



Fun Activities for you and your Greyhound

Information on how to get started in lure coursing with your greyhound

Carolina Lure Coursing Society: check the calendar to find events in our area

Speedy Paws Greenville Area Obedience and Agility Training - Highly recommended by our adopters!

Jae Mar S Academy - Augusta GA area dog training that is highly recommended by our adopters!

Hounds of East Fairhaven: Perform in the Carolina and Georgia Renaissance Festivals with your Greyhound!


Health Related Links

Animal Communicator - Wish you could ask your dog some questions? The animal communicator is the translator between you and your dog.

The Greyhound Health Initiative Improving greyhound health through education, research and accessibility

Greyt Health: Greyhound specific health concerns YOU should be aware of because most vets aren't

Greyhound Health Forum by Tom Muelman. Excellent resource for articles

How To Do A 2 Minute Check For Injuries and Soreness by Robert Britton. Video that shows how to find small injuries before they become serious.

Greyhound Health, Feeding, Behavior etc by Robert Britton. Great information here!!

Prison Greyhounds Article on treating the resistant hookworms frequently seen in dogs that have lived in large kennel populations

Health and Behaviors from the Greyhound Gang

Town and Country Animal Hospital - Dr. Radcliffe is one of the premier greyhound vets in the country and answers questions via the "contact us" page daily.

Couto Veterinary Consultants- Assistance and meds for greyhounds with cancer and other health problems

Unique health concerns for greyhounds

Greyhound Bloodwork

PDF on treating Corns on Greyhound Feet - Corns are unique to Greyhounds and the first thing to check for if your greyhound begins limping

Corn hulling video shows how you can remove corns on your own dog (most greyhounds tolerate this procedure very well without anesthesia)

Excellent greyhound behavior articles

Excellent Article on Thunder and Firework Phobias A bunch of ideas that will help your dog

Dr Becker Article on Anxiety Triggers and help for them A new greyhound adjusting to your family will have to deal with most of these

Good Dog Training Advice - Get your dog to listen to you obediently with in-depth tips and articles.

Cornell's Veterinary Medicine site. You can look up any symptoms your dog has here to find out what may be wrong

How to dremmel your dog's nails - you will have to click on the link on this site

Video on how to cut and dremmel your dog's nails

Tick Diseases in Greyhounds More common than in the typical dog.This info could save your dog's life!


Feeding Information

Raw Feeding Info - Greyhound specific, with lots of info and photos

Natural Rearing Information on a raw meat diet

Caber Feidh Holistic Sighthounds

Dog Food Analysis Look up the dog food you feed and see how it compares to others. Find the best kibble!

B-Naturals Nutrition Articles

Natures Select of the Carolinas Award winning food we feed our fosters and recommend! We feed the Select Multi Protein Dry Dog food. They deliver!


Vacationing/Housing with Your Greyhound

Beach Bound Hounds September gathering with Greyhound Crossroads in Myrtle Beach, SC

Mountain Hounds A June greyhound gathering in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Sandy Paws A March gathering at Jekyll Island, GA

Spring Dewey Beach A greyhound event held every spring in Delaware

Greyhounds Reach The Beach An October greyhound gathering in Delaware at Dewey Beach

Grapehound Wine Tour A New York greyhound event for wine lovers held in July

Winter Hounds A February event for greyhound friends in New York Wine Country

Greyhound Gathering Greyhound event held every May in Kanab, Utah

The Greyt Escape A greyhound event hosted by the Greyhound Health Initiative that is held at a different track location each year

Greyhounds in Gettysburg An April Greyhound Event in Pennsylvania

Heart Of America Greyhound Gathering A May event in Abilene Kansas. Tour greyhound farms, National Greyhound Association and more!

http://www.zillow.com/rent/ - looking for a pet friendly rental?


Free Greyhound Stuff and Crafts

When you make one of these crafts, why not make two and donate one for our auctions and fund raisers.

Greyhound Manor patterns for a variety of greyhound items

Sew a life sized greyhound free pattern

Belly Band Pattern prevent male marking in the house!

Free Cable Knit Greyhound Sweater pattern

Another Knitted Greyhound Sweater pattern

Free Greyhound Coat Pattern

Knitted Greyhound Reindeer Antler hat

Free Greyhound Santa Doll Pattern

Free Greyhound Winter Boot Pattern

Make a Greyhound Coat out of an old vest

Elevated Bed Tutorial

Misc Greyhound Crafts - Appliques, Costumes, Portable Pen, and more

Greyhound Tuxedo Pattern

How to make an adjustable martingale collar

Free Hooded Hound Coat Pattern

Greyhound Tree Ornament Pattern

Free Knitted Greyhound Pattern

Shopping for Greyhound-related stuff



 Greyhound Benefit Auction Site


Greyhound Apparel and Stuff:

Birdwell Enterprises Squawkers, muzzles, real racing silks and more

Halemar Specialties Racing and Kennel Muzzles, coats and more for greyhounds

Brock's Greyhound Supplies Kennel and racing muzzles, awesome pleather leashes that are washable but feel like leather!

Muzzles For Greyhounds - Irish kennel muzzles and racing muzzles that are different from the ones typically used in the US. Our favorite is the Kenel Kosy that is padded with a built in stool guard!

Longdog Leather gorgeous custom leather collars

Premier Dog Collars - Facebook site with more custom leather collars

Mark Oliver Saddlery - Custom leather collars

Cammie's Collars - more beautiful leather collars

Greyhound Gang Get Up & Go joint supplements, Free Greyhound Guide, Medical Info, Auction and much more.  Proceeds help hounds since 1996.

2 Hound Designs Collars for your greyhound

Dogma London Even more collars for your greyhound

Hope For Hounds Collars and Bling that raise money for greyhound cancer research

Un-FROG-ettable Sweaters, those adorable reindeer snoods and collars

Voyagers K9 Apparel Winter Coats, Rain Coats, Sweater Vests, Dog Booties and more

Greyt Sweaters More knitted sighthound sweaters

No Nude Hounds sight hound apparel

Posh Pawz Unique attire for dogs of distinction

Downtown Houndz- Warm clothes for your greyhound.


People Apparel with a Greyhound Theme:

Greytwear: Human apparel for greyhound lovers


Greyhound Magazine

Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine


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