Augusta, GA

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AMF Sweet Pete
Racing Name:
AMF Sweet Pete
Pet/Kennel Name:
Sweet Pete
Dark Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance:
Small Dog Tolerance:
Good w/ Children:
Older Children Only
Fostered by (location):
Augusta GA Area
Adoption Status: In Process to the Collins Family of Chatham VA

Sweet Pete just arrived from the Birmingham AL Race Course Track adoption kennel. He never actually raced there, but was one that was sent there because they transport a lot of retired dogs to other adoption groups across the country, including ours. He raced 126 races all at the Palm Beach Race Track in Florida. He was a pretty good racer racing a lot of his career at the top A level and even winning A level races. Sweet Pete is a stunning 76lb dark brindle guy that is a rich mahogany red with black stripes. He has the most beautiful shiny coat. Just stunning! Sweet Pete turned 4 on December 8th. He is a strong guy that needs some reminders on walking nicely on leash because he gets excited and wants to see everything at once. He is very friendly and has loved all the people he has met. Sweet Pete just couldn't resist chasing the cat, so he needs a home with no kitties. He was better with the little dog he met and just sniffed him politely but was initially interested in him at a distance before he knew what he was. He just needs a careful intro to small dogs that might look like bunnies or squirrels. Sweet Pete's sire is the famous Gable Sour Cream and his dam is AMF Blazing Sun. Pete is being fostered with a 6 year old child and really seems to enjoy being around her. We listed him as "older kids only" because he could knock over a toddler accidentally when he was being bouncy, happy and silly. Pete is more energetic and fun than the typical couch potato greyhound. He would be the perfect choice for a family that likes to go for walks or hikes. Sweet Pete will enjoy a more active lifestyle than most. Pete does complain about being in his kennel, so would not be a good choice for apartment or townhouse living. 

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Added: March 22, 2018


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