Wz Jose Cuervo

Category: 2010 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by Clark, 1.23.10
Adoption Date: 2323-0101-1010
Pet/Kennel Name: Tequila
Age: 9
Color/Gender: White and Brindle Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Clarke, Fountain Inn SC
Additional Details:

Tequila is a sweet, happy, playful, older girl that was discovered wandering loose, starving and in horrible condition. She had been in an adoptive home for years but wasn't cared for and looked like she had even been attacked by another dog. This was one of the worst neglect cases we have seen. Tequila still looks pretty rough now and doesn't have much hair due to a skin condition that will require some baths a couple of times a week for awhile. We have made some progress already and soon Tequila will be back to her former beauty with some TLC. Tequila has great house manners and has fit into her foster home like she has always been there and enjoys playing with their greyhound. She is very friendly and is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Tequila is a good girl and is looking for a family that will love and appreciate her. She should be a wonderful easy addition to just about any family. Her sire is Flying Train and her dam is Marvelous Missy. She only has 2 races listed at the now closed Plainfield track. She was born on June 10th, 2000. Congratulations to her foster family that decided they couldn't let this one go!

Update after adoption: Tequila has become a meet and greet dog for Greyhound Crossroads! She attends events encouraging people to adopt greyhounds. She lives in the country and loves taking walks with her dad. She has completely gotten over her skin condition and has a healthy full coat now with only a few scars to remind her of her past. She crossed the bridge on 10/11/13.

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