Vampy Vince Neil

Category: 2017 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted to the Pilgrim Family of Pickens SC 5/27/17
Adoption Date: 2727-0505-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Dudley
Age: 1.5
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Fulcher, Greenville SC
Additional Details:

Dudley just arrived from the Brindle Kennel at the Palm Beach Race Track. He never had an official race, because he had an injury to his hock while he was in race training. Our vet has x-rayed the old break and it is healing nicely. It happened over a month ago and wasn't a bad break. He is not in a splint and is walking on it very well with only a slight limp already. He still needs leash walked a bit longer to be sure it is completely healed up, but our vet thinks he will be fine to run and play normally in a few more weeks. Dudley is completely vetted and ready to be adopted. He is a young guy that won't turn 2 until August 16th. Dudley is a mid sized male that should be around 75lbs. He is in the process of losing his puppy coat and his new glossy coat is already coming in. His sire is Djays Octane and his dam is Hey Dodi Lou. Dudley is a cute, friendly boy that seems pretty calm for one so young. We are sure he will love to play once he is off his leash walking restriction though. He complains some in his kennel, so may not be the best apartment or townhouse dog. Dudley does correct really well though, and quiets down fast. He has shown no interest in the small white dog in his foster home so should be OK to live in a home with small dogs. He passed his cat test without much interest other than a quick sniff, then checked out everything else in the room. He seemed very happy to see the toddler and baby we introduced him to and really seemed drawn to them and interacted very well.  Dudley didn't like steps at all when he came in but he is learning to do them in his foster home. He loves being around other greyhounds and dogs and is much more happy and waggie when they are around. He is a bit more reserved at his foster family's house where he is an only dog. Dudley is an adorable loving guy that is going to make a great pet for some lucky family.

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