Turbo Lancelot

Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Ferguson Family of Augusta GA 4/18/18
Pet/Kennel Name: Lancelot
Age: 4
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: No
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Llewellyn, Simpsonville SC
Additional Details:

Lancelot is a gorgeous big shiny black male that raced at 82 lbs. He just came in from the Birmingham Adoption Kennel but didn't actually race there. He was sent there because they transport dogs to adoption groups across the country. He actually raced 132 races mostly at the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He also raced briefly at Palm Beach in FL. He raced most of his career at the mid levels of racing but did get up to the top A level a few times and did win some races. He retired February 12th and has been waiting since then for a group to take him. His sire is Turbo Lennie and his dam is Gable India. Lancelot was way too interested in chasing cats to be able to live with them, but he did fine with a small Italian greyhound he met after sniffing it and realizing it was a dog. He should be fine to live with small dogs with a proper introduction. At a distance he tends to mistake most small critters for bunnies though. Lancelot is a big strong boy that needs some work on walking on leash because he wants to check out everything at once. He is very friendly and happy and just a sweet, confident, social guy. Because he is so big and strong we think he would do best in a home with no small kids that he could accidentally knock over. Lancelot could be your knight in shining, black, furry armor! What a gorgeous guy!

Lancelot had to have emergency surgery May16th of 2019. He came through the surgery fine and was sent home. He passed away at home in his sleep the night after his surgery. He was so young and only was with his family a year. He will greatly be missed. 

Tag: Adoption Pending
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