Switzler Tazo

Category: 2009 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by Myers, 10.3.09
Adoption Date: 0303-1010-0909
Pet/Kennel Name: Zack
Age: 3.5
Color/Gender: Red Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Martinez, GA (Long)
Additional Details:

Zack only raced 11 races at Derby Lane and Flagler tracks and wasn't able to win one of them. In his last race he didn't even run so he was retired. He has been living in a home since he was 2 and he is a very loving boy. Due to his slightly timid nature, loud noises and abrupt movement tend to scare him. Because of this, we think he would do better with older quiet kids. Zack loves to play with toys. He is a Velcro boy and does not want to leave your side. Zack was adopted with Zee (Designed by Zee) three years ago, straight from the track. They are very bonded to each other and make an absolutely perfect pair. We can separate them if necessary, but it would be so marvelous to find a home searching for two best friends. Zack is home acclimated and was not returned because of anything he did. His sire is the famous Lonesome Cry and his dam is Switzler Roxcee. He was born on 4/14/06 and weighs 71lbs. 

His Pedigree

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