Slatex Garfield

Category: 2015 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted to the Morano family of Mooresville NC 10/22/15
Adoption Date: 2222-1010-1515
Pet/Kennel Name: Garfield
Age: 4
Color/Gender: White Male with Red Spots
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Ruff Charlotte NC
Additional Details:

Garfield just arrived from the Southland Race Track which is one of the top tracks in the country. He was a big star there racing at top levels and was a 2013 Southland Spring Futurity Finalist! He raced 136 races there mostly at the top AA level. Garfield raced at 72lbs and turned 4 on August 8th. His sire is Rhythmless and his dam is Slatex Cindel. Garfield is very friendly and waggy. He seemed to ride well on the trip over and seems like a very happy boy. He passed his cat and small dog tests. Garfield was quiet in his crate even when all alone in the dog room with no other dogs in there with him. He pulls some on leash when excited and is a strong boy so we will work on that. Garfield was diagnosed with Pannus which is an auto immune disease of the eye. He will need daily eye drops to prevent it from becoming worse and affecting his sight. Garfield is a sweet loving boy that has done fantastic as a first foster for a new foster family. He is a well behaved boy.

His Pedigree

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