Rico's Pollax

Category: Memorial
Adoption Status: Memorial Adoption to the Owens Family of Greenwood SC 9/6/18
Pet/Kennel Name: Axe
Age: 7.5
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Owens, Greenwood SC
Additional Details:

On Vet Hold! Axe is a big, friendly, black male that raced at 79lbs. He will turn 8 on December 22nd but you would never guess his age because he has not gotten white in the face yet like most other dogs his age. Axe was quite the star during his racing days, racing at 3 of the top tracks in the country and winning at the top A and AA levels and competing in Stakes races reserved for the best dogs at those tracks. He only raced 41 races and retired in April of 2013 due to a broken hock. The leg is long healed and he runs and plays normally on it. Axe has been hanging out at his owners farm since he was rehabbed from his injury. Axe's sire is Odd Skill and his dam is Myokie Flame. His half brother from the same mom, Rico's Kwanza, came in at the same time. We already placed two half sisters that also had the same mom, Rico's Tignanello and Rico's By A Nose. Axe was very interested in the cat when he first met it, but after the cat slapped him a few times he didn't want to go near it again. We think he would probably be able to live with a confident cat that would slap him if he showed too much interest the first time they met. Axe has been living in a foster home with a small white dog and has done fine with him. Axe is very vocal and barks constantly if awake and seems almost frantic. He drinks constantly and then has to pee all the time another sign of stress. We have had two greyhound vets board him for extended amounts of time and do testing on him in hopes we can find a physical cause. They have tried medications to calm him down. So far none of their testing has shown a physical cause for his behaviors and the medications to calm him have had no effect. When Axe was neutered our vet did find a tumor in one testicle that was removed. Surgery is curative for most testicular tumors but it is possible that the tumor could have spread to his brain which might explain his odd, frantic, behavior. Axe has been under vet supervision for weeks already and is still on vet hold until we know more. 

Sadly Axe continued to progress quickly. Our vets felt that it was a brain tumor that was causing all his physical problems and recommended that we let him go. RIP big guy! One of his foster homes, the Owens family, decided to do a memorial adoption for him.

Tag: Adoption Pending
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