Pope Cody

Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Epp Family in Jamaica Plain MA 6/17/17
Pet/Kennel Name: Cody
Age: 1.5
Color/Gender: Light Fawn Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Johnson (Greenville, SC)
Additional Details:

Cody just arrived from the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He is an extra large male that is 88lbs. He is so tall that he wouldn't fit into the standard crate at the race track so they had to fix a special one for him to give him enough room. He is very tall and lanky with long legs and a long tail that touches the ground. He is a young guy that was only at the track for a few schooling races and just was so big and uncoordinated that they didn't think he was cut out to be a racer. So he never had one official race. He is a very young guy that won't turn 2 until November 18th. His sire is BD's Grayson and his dam is D's Pride. Cody is very quiet in his crate so may be good for someone living in an apartment. He is very calm for a pup but does enjoy running in the yard sometimes. He still has some puppy fuzz that will shed out later. He is a friendly guy that is good on leash in spite of his size. He kind of leans into you on walks and likes to stay close. He travels very well and just lays down in the back of his foster mom's van.  He seems like he wants to please and do the right thing. More as we get to know this sweet, gentle giant. Cody was brought in as a special request for a previous greyhound adopter that lives in Massachusetts. He is not available.

Cody had a wonderful home for a year and a half. He passed away due to traumatic injuries after falling down a flight of stairs in January of 2019. He will be missed by his family and everyone that met him. Such a sweet loving guy!

His Pedigree

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