Old Mate Martha

Category: Pending
Adoption Status: Pending to the Thompson Family of Hendersonville NC
Pet/Kennel Name: Martha
Age: 2.5
Color/Gender: Black Female
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Thompson, Hendersonville NC
Additional Details:

Martha is arriving soon from Australia. She only ran one race at the Dubbo Stadium and finished last. Martha was not cut out for the racing life, she’s too much of a detective! She likes to take her time, explore her surroundings, sniffing around until she gets the full picture and low-down on everything that’s going on! She is always eager to know what’s happening and learn new things. Her DOB is 8/26/21. Martha's sire is the famous Fernando Bale and her dam is Karen Keeping. Her ear tattoo is NKEMT. She was fully vetted before arrival in Australia. Martha (a.k.a. Mad Martha!) is a young, energetic and playful girl with a very sweet nature! She is a happy and confident dog who just adores her humans! In spite of her confidence, Martha can be a little shy around new people at first, but will still accept a pat on the head until she gets to know you- then she wants full on cuddles! Martha is used to being around other Greyhounds, she also has had positive interactions with some smaller breeds. Martha recently met some smallies through a fence and after a quick sniff and hello, she was happy to move on and focus on something else. You don’t make friends for life by coming on too strong! Martha is a dog that just exudes positive energy. She is happy and curious and will only grow in confidence the more she gets to know her new humans. Martha is a wonderful dog who would make a great addition in any home that has the love and patience that she deserves. She is a detective that can’t wait to discover her new family!

So far Martha has been pretty shy and overwhelmed since she arrived, not wanting to come out of her kennel. Once out she does walk nicely on leash and will approach adults and older kids, but seemed more nervous around a toddler. She has not wanted to be sniffed or approached by any other dogs large or small. She showed some interest in the cat until it slapped her then she backed off. She did go back to see the cat later, so was still showing some interest. We think she may be trainable with cats with more supervision. She is supposed to be good with other dogs, so we think she is just a sensitive girl that needs some time to relax around strange dogs.

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