No Tall Tale

Category: 2024 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Brazelton family of Evans SC, 5.18.24
Adoption Date: 1818-0505-2424
Pet/Kennel Name: Andy
Age: 3.5
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Bowden, Greenville SC
Additional Details:

Andy just arrived from Australia where he raced 25 races. He only won one of those races and retired June 13th of 2023. He raced at Temora, Young, Warragul, Traralgonn, Warrnambool, Healesville, and Geelong. His sire is Peter Rocket and his dam is Destini Jaguar.  He will turn 4 on August 14th. Andy is a very tiny, male racing at just 64lbs. He is a handsome, beautiful, natured dog who is still a puppy at heart! Andy's racing owner says he can come across a bit shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he’ll be stuck by your side forever. So far he has been friendly with everyone he has met since he has arrived. He goes up to small kids and adults with his tail wagging. He’s a human-social dog who just loves comfort and someone to play with! Andy can get a little spooked by unexpected noises according to his racing owner, but once he settles in, he’s a big goofball who loves to be silly and show off! We had some thunderstorms while transporting him and he didn't seem to be worried by them and traveled really well. He’s still a young boy and so he can be playful, but only in short spurts. He would definitely suit a home with an active owner(s) and maybe teenagers/older children to play with. Don’t be worried if you’re someone who is away from home for a lot of the day, Andy is happy to have a bit of activity or playtime in the morning and then chill out for the rest of the day. Andy has lived with working sheep dogs and a Border Collie, but is happy in his own company. He has lived with older female greyhounds, but has been friendly with all the dogs he has met and traveled well with another male and 2 females. Andy is a lovely, loyal and sweet dog with the heart of a puppy. A house would quickly become a home with Andy in it. Andy was fully vetted in Australia and is microchipped. His ear tattoo is VJRNH. So far Andy has been calm and very well behaved since he has arrived, except for when he sees squirrels. Waggy, happy and friendly. He was great with the small, white Italian Greyhound he met. He was very curious about the cat he met and sniffed it and watched it for awhile, then would check out other things in the room. He returned and carefully sniffed the cat again. He didn't try to chase the cat and quickly backed away when the cat hissed or slapped him, then didn't want to get close to the cat again. He may be trainable with cats with some initial supervision. Andy does have one very odd quirk. Since Australia doesn't have squirrels, Andy had never seen one until he arrived. He is so excited to see them, he gets a little nuts. For such a small guy, he can pull very hard to get to a squirrel and it might be pretty hard to walk him through a neighborhood with squirrels. Other than that Andy seems like a sweet nearly perfect little guy.

Tag: Adoption Pending
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