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Category: 2024 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the King Family of Greenville 6/13/24
Adoption Date: 1313-0606-2424
Pet/Kennel Name: Lenny
Age: 2.5
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: No
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Looking For Foster Placement
Additional Details:

Lenny just arrived from Australia. Lenny never raced there so never received a racing name. He is still young and won't turn 3 until July 13th. He is a medium sized male at 73lbs. His left ear is tattooed with NKEGJ. His sire is Ritza Lenny and his dam is Winlock Ramirez. This is the description from his owner:

Lenny is a happy, social dog and just the life and soul of the party! He is a very active guy who just lives to play, make friends, and just have fun! Lenny is a young guy and still a pup at heart really. He likes to bounce around, getting the lay of the land and making sure he didn’t miss anything that he could have played with! Lenny can be a little strong on the lead, but overall, very good. He is very confident and doesn’t shy away from new experiences; be it meeting new people or exploring new environments! He has no issues with strangers, just a potential new friend to him! He’ll confidently approach with a wagging tail to let you know that he’s looking for some TLC or some playtime! Lenny is equally as good in new environments. He’ll sniff around exploring, holding his own little investigations! Lenny is a wonderful dog and would be a great addition to a lot of homes, however his activity level means that he would be best suited in a home with an active person/people who can take him on adventures and help him get his steps in! Lenny did OK with a small dog he met but initially showed some interest so needs a careful introduction. He definitely needs a home with no kitties, he really is too interested in chasing them. Lenny is a smart guy and knows how to take off his muzzle. He also isn't quite out of the puppy chewing stage. If you’re looking for a happy, fun, dog who could be a lifelong adventure buddy, you’ve found the perfect match in Lenny!

Tag: Adoption Pending
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