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Category: 2016 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Alexander family in Augusta GA 11/23/16
Adoption Date: 2323-1111-1616
Pet/Kennel Name: Armor
Age: 4
Color/Gender: Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: No
Fostered by (location): Johnson, Greenville SC
Additional Details:

Armor originally came in from a kennel closing at the Daytona Beach race track. He also raced at Sanford Orlando and Derby Lane race and has 66 races listed. It doesn't look like he won one race but he did place some. His sire is Bob's Skeet and his dam is Prairies Eagle. Armor turned 4 on June 24th. He is very calm, friendly and well behaved. Armor is a tall, leggy guy that raced at 76lbs. Armor is very good on leash and enjoys going for walks. He has already been living in a apartment and is very quiet in his kennel so would be perfect for someone needing a quiet apartment dog. He was also living as an only dog for a year so should also be an excellent choice for someone that wants an only greyhound. His trainer had 3 older children that work at the kennel with her and he was very good with them. His recent owner said Armor usually chooses to avoid real small loud kids though. Armor can be a bit grumpy about his space when laying down, so we have him listed as no kids even though he enjoyed being around the older kids that worked with him at the kennel. Armor passed his cat and small dog tests easily with no interest in chasing either. He is doing fine with the small dog in his foster home too. Armor is a grinner! It is a cute thing that just a few greyhounds do when they are happy or excited. He also has one other quirky thing about him - he can wag his tail straight up and down as well as side to side! Armor has been in an adoptive home for a little over a year so is already home acclimated, well behaved and has good house manners. The only reason he is available again is because his dad took a job that forces him to travel every week. Armor has been boarded a lot recently and his dad feels it isn't fair to him. If you want a tall handsome boy Armor could by your guy. Armor has settled in well to his foster home. He is a very nice boy that seems like he would be an easy addition for some lucky family. Such a laid back guy, but he does love to get silly and do zoomies occasionally in the backyard. Very friendly and loving.

His Pedigree

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