Little One Cloud

Category: 2024 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Sistare Family of Harris, NC
Adoption Date: 0606-0505-2424
Pet/Kennel Name: Snitzle
Age: 2.5
Color/Gender: Black Female
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Johnson, Greenville SC
Additional Details:

Snitzel is a cute little black female that just arrived from Australia. She only raced one race at the Capalaba Track, and came in last place, on Aug 6th of 2023. Snitzel is tiny and only weighs 56lbs. She is young and won't turn 3 until December 18th. Her sire is Flying Ricciardo and her dam is Wreath. Snitzel is a gorgeous, happy, bubbly dog just over-flowing with positive energy. She is such a wonderful little lady, and everyone’s best friend! She just adores meeting people, and her tail wags regularly turn into full body wiggles! Snitzel is so full of energy and excitement for every day and every situation. She is a very confident girl and doesn’t let a new environment or a new person faze her (that’s just the potential for a new best friend!). Snitzel is also a big fan of her little-human friends! In her previous home, the neighbourhood children would regularly visit to help handle and socialise the dogs- and Snitzel would of course perform her full body wiggle for them! It's not just humans that Snitzel loves, she is also a big fan of her 4-legged friends! Snitzel likes to play with other medium to large size dogs but is also a big fan of the smaller breeds too. She did great with a tiny Italian greyhound she met when she arrived. She may come on a little strong at first, but Snitzel quickly settles and then has another new best friend under her belt! Snitzel is still quite young and very much still a puppy at heart- she just loves to have fun and fill her day with as much happiness and play as possible! Snitzel is a big fan of the water too and just loves to dip her toes and have a splash around whenever she gets the chance! Snitzel is such a beautiful dog inside and out. You won’t meet a friendlier, happier girl. Snitzel will fall in love with you just as quickly as you fall in love with her so don’t hesitate to take this fun-loving, joyful pup home with you! She was fully vetted in Australia and is microchipped. Her ear tattoo is NKHCR. Snitzel travels really well and just got in the van and laid down. She was great with the other dogs she traveled with an the dogs she met after she arrived. She really is a precious little girl. She was curious about the cat she met at first but just sniffed and lost interest. She checked out more of the house then went back and sniffed the cat again. She seemed happy to meet a new friend. 

Tag: Adoption Pending
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