KMZ Learnintofly

Category: 2019 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Pollock Family of Columbia SC 7/21/19
Adoption Date: 2121-0707-1919
Pet/Kennel Name: Fly
Age: 2
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Kelly, Mauldin SC
Additional Details:

Fly just arrived from the Bolton Kennel at the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He is a handsome, tall, black male that raced at 72lbs. He turned 2 on February 4th. His sire is the famous Defrim Bale and his dam is Kiowa Jill Vik. Fly only raced 12 races and didn't place in one of them. He started out his career at the Lester Raines Kennel at Palm Beach before being moved to Sanford Orlando. He is being fostered with small dogs and is great with them. He also passed his cat test pretty easily. He excitedly sniffed the cat then walked away. That is pretty much his response to anything new, get excited, sniff then check out the next thing. Fly also has liked all the kids he has met, very much. He is so big and goofy that he might accidentally knock down toddlers that weren't steady on their feet though just because he is so happy to see them. He was pretty loud in his kennel so may not be a good choice for apartment living. Fly went right up steps the first time he tried them. He is very sweet and social and has the most beautiful shiny black coat! Fly is an fun, happy, goofy guy. He stood up looking out the windows and panting most of the trip up from Florida. He panted a lot and seemed very excited about everything new in his foster home too, at first. He seems more excitable and curious about everything new, than scared, because he doesn't have his tail tucked. He needs a little work on leash because he pulls, but he does calm down pretty fast. This is a super sweet guy that loves people and will be a lot of fun for a family that wants a dog that will enjoy doing things with them. 

Tag: Adoption Pending
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