John Reese

Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Marks family 10/10/15
Pet/Kennel Name: John
Age: 4
Color/Gender: Red Male
Cat Tolerance: Trainable
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Clarke Charlotte NC
Additional Details:

John Reese's litter were all named for Person of Interest TV show characters. John was an amazing racer, racing at one of the top tracks in the country and at the very top level AA. He even won a Stakes race which are limited to the very best racers at that track. We feel like we should ask him for his autograph because he was such a star. He raced 139 races mostly at the very top levels. John turned 4 on July 5th. His sire is Gable Dodge and his dam is O Jays. John was understandably a kennel favorite and is missed by his trainer. He has a wonderful, outgoing, curious personality. John is a big stocky, muscular guy that raced at 78lbs. He has put on a little weight since he retired and was 80lbs at the vet's. He loves people and will put his paws up to give hugs, which we discourage because of his size, even though it is cute. John is quiet and is being fostered in an apartment. He learned how to do the stairs and elevator there the first day and is not stressed by new things. He is very strong and excitable and pulls on leash, so his foster home is working on that. John is just so curious and wants to go see everything and greet everyone on walks, but is learning to control his enthusiasm.  John was initially very curious about the cat until the cat slapped him. He quickly decided not to go back near the cat. We think he is trainable, especially with a cat that would stand his ground and slap him if he shows any interest at all. Because John is big, strong and excitable we have him marked "older children" only. We don't think he would intentionally harm a kid, but he could accidentally knock down a toddler by jumping on him or excitedly bumping into him. John would probably love to play with older kids though. Even though he is higher energy for a greyhound, he still is good when left home alone and just plays quietly with his toys, has no potty accidents and isn't destructive. He is very smart and learned in a day how to work lever type door handles in the house. John loves to chase a squeaker tennis ball and a few minutes in the morning and evening playing with the ball helps wear him out. This would be a wonderful greyhound for agility, obedience or other dog sports since he isn't the typical couch potato. He would love hiking and doing things with his family. John is a handsome, loving guy that is full of personality that is going to make a fun pet for a lucky family.

Johnny was adopted by the Marks family in October of 2015. He had a wonderful life and was very loved until he passed away suddenly of unknown causes on 6/24/19. 

His Pedigree

John is a pretty large guy that raced at 78lbs but has put on a little weight since he retired and is very large.

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