DKC ShotgunRyan

Category: 2019 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted the Baldwin Family of Evans GA, 3.1.19
Adoption Date: 0101-0303-1919
Pet/Kennel Name: Ryan
Age: 3
Color/Gender: White Male with Brindle Spots
Cat Tolerance: Testing
Small Dog Trainable: Testing
Good w/ Children: Testing
Fostered by (location): Baldwin, Evans GA
Additional Details:

Ryan inititally came in from the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He is a cute white boy with brindle patches over his ears and eyes and a patch on his side. He is a smaller guy that raced at 64lbs. He just turned 5 on May 3rd. His sire is Flying Westover and his dam is A Bar Seclusion. He raced 47 races at Tri State in WV and Sanford Orlando before he retired. Ryan is very outgoing and sweet. He wasn't bothered at all by the move from the track and adapted quickly to home life. He seems pretty easy going and confident. Ryan was adopted in 2016 by a family and has lived with them for 2 years. They recently decided they didn't want the responsibility of dogs anymore and returned Ryan along with his housemate Quirky. They said the dogs were very good and it wasn't anything the dogs did wrong that caused them to be returned, they just didn't want dogs anymore. Fortunately we had a home looking for two dogs to adopt together so both boys have been moved to her. They will stay with her permanently if all goes well. 

His Pedigree

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