Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Tanner Family of Piedmont, SC 6/26/14
Pet/Kennel Name: Clyde
Age: 18 months
Color/Gender: Dark Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Dunne in Greenville, SC
Additional Details:

Clyde is a dark brindle male that just arrived from a farm in Jacksonville. We have known him since he was tiny and visited and played with his litter while he was growing up. He never raced because he just wasn't that interested in playing with or chasing the lure so never received an official racing name. He has been called Clyde all his life though. He tested cat and small dog safe. The farm he was raised on has small kids that visit frequently so he is used to being around kids. He just turned one year old on December 1st so is only 18 months old now. Clyde is very friendly and happy and pretty laid back and well behaved for a young pup. He seems like a very confident boy that wasn't phased by the move from the farm. He walked perfectly on leash for us and calmly went up to everyone he met wagging his tail. He doesn't have an official racing weight because he never raced but he weighed 69lbs at the vets. He is very tall for his weight though. All legs, very tall and thin!

Clyde was adopted by the Tanner family in 2014. He lived a happy life until he got cancer at the age of 8.5 and crossed the bridge in April of 2021. He will be missed. 

Tag: Adopted
Picture: DSC_0078c_1.jpg

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