Category: Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Status: Adopted by the McGraw family of Columbia SC 1/2/10
Pet/Kennel Name: Chopin
Age: 3
Color/Gender: Red Fawn Male
Cat Tolerance: No
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Columbia (McGraw)
Additional Details:

Chopin came to us from the Birmingham Race Course. He also raced a race at Southland in Arkansas. He is a pup of Dave the Dog who is a famous dog that retired and lives in our area. His dam is Tech Bomb. He was born on September 27th 2006. Chopin didn't race, long only 14 races are listed. Boy is this a handsome guy! Chopin is very outgoing and loves everyone he meets. He LOVES to go for rides and will hop right in and may even try to help you open the door. He seems like he is going to be a fun guy because he has loads of personality. He needs some work on his leash manners because he is very strong and very excited about seeing everything. Nothing seems to bother him, even new things. He takes everything in stride. This is one very happy go lucky guy. He does have a pretty strong prey drive and didn't pass his initial cat test. We need to do more testing with small dogs and kids.

Chops was adopted in 2010 and had a long happy life with his family. He passed away in 2019 and will be missed. 

His Pedigree

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