Brandy Cargo

Category: Pending
Adoption Status: Pending to the Barnes Family of Simpsonville SC 6/13/24
Pet/Kennel Name: Brandy
Age: 4.5
Color/Gender: Dark Brindle Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Looking for Foster Placement
Additional Details:

Brandy is arriving soon from Australia. He raced 35 races there but only managed to win one. He raced at Dubbo, Bathurst, and Gunnedah. His last race was November 26th of 2022. He has been living with his owner since then. Brandy is 75lbs and his DOB is Nov. 30 2019. His sire is Brad Hill Billy and his dam is Uniting Cargo. His left ear is tattooed with NIFDR. Here is his description from his owner:

Brandy is already well on his way to becoming the perfect family pet. Underneath his gorgeous exterior, he also has a beautiful, soft-natured personality to match! Brandy is a lovely dog. He is incredibly human social and just loves to make friends whenever he gets the chance! In particular, Brandy loves children. He has lived with young kids ages 5-7 as well as teenagers and was great with them all! Brandy has mostly socialised with other Greyhounds, however he has been introduced to smaller breeds too. He was recently introduced to some Cavoodles, however he was a little anxious of them and avoided them when he could. Surprisingly, Brandy has also interacted with cats and doesn’t worry about them at all. He’s a bit of an enigma but overall, any introductions with cats or dogs should be done gradually and under the recommended guidelines to make sure everyone leaves with their tails wagging! Brandy is a clean and quiet boy in his kennels. You’ll only hear from him if there is someone else around and he wants to make sure you know about it too! He is a lovely calm dog, but he is also quite playful. More than anything, Brandy loves to dip his toes in water whenever he gets the chance. Brandy is a wonderful dog and overall, just a great friend. He is sweet, playful, clean, and calm- you’ll wonder how you ever lived without him!

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