Category: 2015 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Dusenberry Family of Hendersonville NC 8/9/15
Adoption Date: 0808-0808-1515
Pet/Kennel Name: Biscuit
Age: 2
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Yes
Fostered by (location): Pike Myrtle Beach Area
Additional Details:

Biscuit came in from a Daytona Beach Race Track Kennel closing. He is a tiny, black male that raced at just 62lbs. He only raced 27 races in Daytona and Sanford Orlando. His sire is Gable Sour Cream and his dam is Sovereign Lady. Biscuit just turned 2 on May 25th so is a young guy. He has a beautiful black, muscular boy. Biscuit is a friendly, waggy guy that is a lot of fun and has a lot of personality. He enjoys belly rubs and flops over on his side for them. He tried to climb in his foster mom's lap when she was sitting on the couch - good thing he is a small boy! Like most greyhounds can be a bit dramatic if he thinks it will help him get out of doing something he doesn't want to do. He is mostly quiet in his crate but he has started complaining a bit about being in the crate sometimes so may not be a good choice for an apartment. Biscuit passed his cat and small dog test so should be able to live with either. This is a goofy boy that will keep life interesting. His trainer had 3 boys that were at his racing kennel a lot so he is used to being around kids. Cute cute boy! He is a very loving guy! Biscuit may need a home where he can be with another large dog or greyhound because he has seemed stressed when by himself.

His Pedigree

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