B My Frodo

Category: 2017 Adoptions
Adoption Status: Adopted by the Kane Family of Chapin SC 8/18/17
Adoption Date: 1818-0808-1717
Pet/Kennel Name: Frodo
Age: 3
Color/Gender: Black Male
Cat Tolerance: Yes
Small Dog Trainable: Yes
Good w/ Children: Older Children Only
Fostered by (location): Crago, Inman SC
Additional Details:

Frodo came in from the Sanford Orlando Race Track. He raced his entire career of 53 races there. He was pretty good getting up to A level. He is a large black male that raced at 80lbs. He has been retired since he pulled up in his last race March 9th 2017. He just pulled a muscle and is fine now. His sire is Flying Coal City and his dam is Kentucky Merlot. We have placed a full brother from another litter and quite a few half siblings on mom and dad's side. All are wonderful pets, so we were excited to meet Frodo. He turned 3 on March 17th so is a St Patrick's Day boy. His trainer said he is a good jumper and is the rare big boy that is a top crate dog at the track because he can jump. He jumped right into our van for the the trip. She also said he can be a big baby and is dramatic. He thinks the world is coming to an end if he has to have his nails trimmed. Frodo passed his small dog and cat test very easily. He is a very friendly, guy that is waggy and happy and follows his foster mom around. He doesn't seemed stressed by much and was laying on a dog bed on his back with his feet in the air on his first day in his foster home. On the trip up he put his head on our laps and just stood there for a couple of hours, not moving and snuggling in. Very sweet boy. He was around kids on the farm where he grew up and really seemed drawn to kids, so was chosen to be in a home with 3 toddlers under 5 years old. He was in that home a couple of months, but was just returned because he would steal the kid's toys and get protective of them and he didn't really like to be bothered when he was laying down. So now Frodo is looking for another home without small kids. Frodo has a very beautiful, shiny, black coat. He is doing great in foster care and is very quiet in his kennel so may be a good choice for apartment or townhouse dwellers.

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