Pro Greyhound Fund

One of our volunteers, Carl Doby, has a special fund set up exclusively to take care of dogs that are retired from racing due to injuries that need expensive surgery and rehab - Pro Greyhound. Pro Greyhound is a 501c3 charity and relies on your donations. Carl does splint changes and rehabilitation after surgery for each dog and provides them with a safe environment to recover in until they are cleared by a vet for adoption. Pro Greyhound is located on a lake so the dogs are able to swim which is great therapy with most injuries. Carl also pet sits greyhounds in the Charlotte area and makes collars to keep this fund going. If you want more info on his greyhound sitting services, email Carl.

A broken right hock is the main serious injury that Pro Greyhound treats. Some dogs may only require setting and splinting while many others require surgery with expensive external fixation or a plate and pins. Many require surgery with a specialist because a hock is complex just like the human ankle. Greyhounds with broken hocks typically cost $750 to $3000 each depending on the extent of the break. In most cases, when Pro Greyhound is asked to take an injured greyhound they aren't able to assess the extent of its injury until it arrives and is examined by one of their vets. Pro Greyhound has to have enough money in their fund to treat the greyhound no matter what type of break it has.

Sadly adoption groups do have to turn badly injured dogs away because of the lack of funds to treat them and because none of their volunteers know how to do the bi-weekly splint changes and rehab that is often required. It is very hard for an adoption group to come up with an extra $2000 to fund an expensive surgery. The greyhound's racing owner often will help fund the surgery, but they rarely have $2000 sitting around to pay for the entire surgery and sometimes are unable to pay anything at all. The Pro Greyhound Fund is very important because they can step in and provide the surgery and after-care that these greyhounds need then turn them over to an adoption group for placement after they are completely healed.

Pro Greyhound appreciates any help you can give. Checks can be mailed to Pro Greyhound Fund, 540 Blue Heron Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146.  Paypal donations are also welcomed- Thank You!

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