How to Adopt

Congratulations, you've decided to open your heart and home to a rescued Galgo!  The steps for Galgo adoption have a few more steps, so we've broken them down to make it as smooth possible.  Let's make it happen together!


A) VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have read the page above titled "Living with Galgos" to make sure that this is a good time for your family to take on this commitment, and that your unique home environment is a good match for Galgos. They do have some needs which are very different than your typical retired racing Greyhound, and those are important distinctions to consider before pursuing an adoption. If you ARE ready, here are your next steps!

As a quick reminder, make sure the BIG FOUR of GALGO ADOPTION are possible for your family:

1) Galgos are FENCE JUMPERS. They must be kept inside a 6 ft fence or ALWAYS walked on leash. As free thinkers, experience has taught them to see fences as a PUZZLE, not a BARRIER. It is a rare Greyhound that will challenge a fence, but Galgos will USUALLY at least attempt going over any fence lower than 6 feet.

2) Galgos are MORE ACTIVE mentally and physically. Owners must be able to accommodate dogs may who have a physical drive to be active, walk, and get more exercise on a DAILY basis. In comparison to the typical sleep-loving retired greyhound, some Galgos seem to crave a greater level of activity and can make excellent jogging partners. Also a Galgo who is not being mentally challenged is one who WILL get him/herself into mischief and trouble. Families with Spanish Galgo rescues should be prepared to meet the dog's brain and body needs.

3) Galgos are prone to ESCAPE traditional martingale collars when stressed. Spook Harnesses have an additional loop around the belly and are REQUIRED on adopted or fostered Galgos for at least the first six months to help it acclimate. These cost under $60 and can easily be ordered from several sources before your dog arrives from Spain. Custom made harnesses can later be ordered to your Galgos measurements should it need the harness for life.  These are the top recommended two:  Ruffwear Web Master Harness and Majestic Spook Harness.

4) Galgos are being imported halfway around the world FOR YOU. Owners must be prepared to pick up their Galgo when it arrives in GC, and have all fostering steps completed beforehand. They must also be ready to finalize the adoption commitment or release their status to Available within 30 days. Numbers are very limited and the patience required is high- they need time to acclimate, learn to be use muzzles, crates, and house training. If the timing isn't quite right, please wait until it is for us to assist you.


B)  If you are a Facebook user, we STRONGLY encourage you to join the group titled "GC Galgos".  All the latest events, available dogs, assistance, and details can be found on a daily basis.  While we don't want to require our families to use Facebook, we feel that this is the best resource through which we can introduce our members to what they will need while making the journey with us.  The group is family-friendly, carefully watched daily by our Admins, and represents the same values as our main Greyhound Crossroads group.

C)  Have you adopted a dog from Greyhound Crossroads before and are already an active group member?  If so you can skip to step C. 

          If not, you will need to figure be processed for adoption and that begins with filing an application with our organization.   Please follow this link to access the document and submit it, or use the tabs at the top to   choose "Adoption", then the last link at the bottom for the  application.  Clearly note on the application that you're requesting a Galgo for your family.

D)  After you have completed the application process with your GC Adoption Rep, contact the GC Pre-Adoption Coordinator June Pilcher for the next step in your journey.  She will explain what is required and take you through the final preparations necessary before bringing your dog over from Spain. 

E)  After completing the pre-adoption steps, you will be placed on the official GC Galgos Waiting List.  We will do our best to fill requests in the order that you appear on the list--  when an available flight spot opens up, we will begin at the top and work our way down as far as possible.  We encourage you to start the process as early as possible so that you're on the active list when flights are available.  Once on, you can remain on the list until the timing is right and we are able to find your dog for you-- if you need to pass at that time, just let us know and we'll come back to you.  It's important to remember that we can only bring in a few at a time so being prepared early will mean that you can move forward immediately when it's your turn!

F)  When it's your turn, you will be given an opportunity to help choose the dog you wish to adopt from the thousands currently waiting and that we have access too.  In some cases you'll be able to see photos of the dog as it travels into this country, but we can't guarantee that will be possible given timing, flights, volunteer time, etc.  If the dog which you chose doesn't turn out to be the perfect match for your family, you will be asked to continue fostering it until another family adopts it.  We expect this for a variety of reasons, including the primary goal to have the transition as easy for the Galgos as possible, and less moving around is better.  However you will have the full support of Greyhound Crossroads, and we will provide any and all assistance you may need during this process.

G)  After adoption, you will be a full member of Greyhound Crossroads just like all families who have adopted from our organization.  Your dog may have come to us from a different country halfway around the world, but we look forward to having you with us.  Welcome to Greyhound Crossroads!